MOVING FROM 2021 to 2022

Where did 2021 go? I mean with the pandemic and all, I did not anticipate 2021 to end the way it did but let’s pull back into 2021. 2021 was the year I decided to share more content online but that came with the realization that being a content creator is not easy. Struggling to strike a balance between family, content creation, working with brands, career and personal life was very challenging. That said I struggled my way through it and unfortunately fell sick at the end of the year. It is 2022 and not only is January far gone February is almost running out but I plan on getting back into content creation in March of 2022 at the latest. I am taking new twist in 2022 and a lot of things will be done differently especially things that didn’t work well previously. 

Here is what I am changing moving forward

Doing it for me

In the past while trying to provide content that will benefit the ZariaFam, I have been faced with situations where I asked myself if I was putting too much out there or if what I was putting was even enough. Now and more than ever I understand that content creation makes me happy in addition to the benefits to followers but I have to continue into this not worrying about what others think. I just want to create. Daaa! this is also a side hustle and so I have to focus on how I can use this to make sure my 3 year old doesn’t go though his education with student loans like must. That said here I some things I am hoping will happen:

Consistent and engaging content

  • I hope to improve on my consistency, surrender and just let God control the narrative.
  • I hope that my audience find my content beneficial, engaging, thought provoking and motivating.
  • There will be mistakes but I am hoping that the family can see through the mistakes the make me human. 
  • I hope to bring the best products and services with great deals from brands to the fam.

The expectation

In doing all these, I hope to improve on myself, continue to learn from my mistakes and to become the best version of me moving forward. In doing all this I will intentionally turn my back from negative energy. In doing all this I understand everyone is not supposed to want the same for me. The supporters will be highly appreciated and non-supporters will be let be.


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