Divas, have you ever paid for hair services and wasn’t satisfied with the results? AHA!! I bet your answer is yes. We all have. Several factors can account for you not getting the look you desired. Below I mention a few factors:

Not bringing along a picture: Descriptions of “looks” can somehow be misleading or misunderstood by hairstylists as would any human being with visual descriptions and so if possible, do well to have a consultation and bring along a photo to make sure your needs are well understood.

Time Factor. Hairstylists are hairstylists not magicians. Although some hairdressers braid at the speed of light compared to others, manual labor is still required to get the job done and this requires time. Make sure you have enough time to have your desired look carefully done. Quality can be lost while rushing during the braiding or hair styling process.

Indecisiveness of Client: Other customers are usually indecisive on exactly what hairstyle they are interested in. While hairdressers can propose and recommend looks for you, it is solely your responsibility to make the final decision on what you will be comfortable with. That said, what looks great on someone else’s hair may not fit well with your personal style.

Cost of Service: Irrespective of the low value attributed to hairdressing, it costs money to run any kind of business, home or rental. It costs a lot of money to obtain training, rent a shop/home and provide services. Time included.

If you provide all you are required to provide to get your desired look yet end up not satisfied with the results, never hesitate to let the hairdresser know. No business owner is pleased to have a client step out of their space unhappy and I am certain most hairdressers will be willing to redo your hair if they are notified early on during the process than later.

Never text to notify the hairdresser from home immediately after complimenting the job. If you most, make sure you pick up the phone and call. It is possible to have a few braids fall off overnight but waiting for half a day or overnight allows you determine how much work she will have to redo before contacting your stylist. At the worst most are willing to provide discounts on your next visit,  refunds or a redo.

This blog is addressed to clients. Hey hey, hairdressers have their own responsibilities which will be discussed in a separate blog.

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Divas lets talk.

  • Have you ever left a salon unsatisfied?
  • Have you been refunded for a hairdo that went wrong?
  • Have you had a redo?
  • How long have you been with your hairstylist?

What have been your experiences? Please share with me and others. Leave comments below.

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